Players Database Update

The database is regularly updated in order to adjust the level and position of the players who need it. Your players will be automatically updated at the end of the season. 

The status and characteristics of the real players affect the Golden Manager´s players database. For this reason some of your players may vary the level and / or position depending on their performance in real life.

Also you will see that some of your players may be substituted for others. This happens because the given players have retired or rescinded their contracts, and then decided to play in a league without a FIFPro agreement.

Remember that Golden Manager uses real players´ names from a limited number of countries, being regulated in compliance with the license granted by FIFPro.

In case of a player substitution, Ben, your Technical Secretary will find a replacement withsimilar characteristics at no extra charge.

Whenever the database is updated, Ben will send you a report 15 days prior to the end of the season. All the changes that occur in your team will be detailed in order for you to have enough time in the event you need to sign new players.

As soon as Ben notifies you the possible changes, you will be able to sign players with updated details either in the Transfer Market or in the Direct Transfers.


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