What tournaments do my team get to play in?

Every season lasts 19 days and within this period of time your team can play in up to 3 tournaments:

  • League: It is the quintessential tournament of regularity; each league has 10 teams and one game is played every day throughout the whole season.
  • GM Cup: It is the K.O. tournament that takes place during the beginning of the season. It is comprised of 16 teams and the winner will have to overcome the Round of 16, Quarter finals, Semi-finals and Final.
  • Champions League, Challenge League and Kerad Tourney: depending on your result in the League, you will qualify for one of these three tournaments, the most prestigious ones in Golden Manager. They will take place during the middle and final stage of the season and are composed of group stages and qualifying rounds. The final coincides with the last game of the League and the last day of the season.
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