Article: About Kerad Games

1.– History

Kerad Games is a company that designs, develops and markets social video games for all the family, accessible from any kind of device connected to the Internet. Sports, ingenuity and social relationships are the main ingredients of the company's projects.

The company was born in 2011 as a result of Gerard Piqué’s desire to develop a manager-style soccer video game. A group of partners is created which is composed of the soccer player's relatives and friends as well as a work team of professionals from the Internet world, professional soccer and video games. All these combined made his dream come true: Golden Manager is born.

In 2012 all the Golden Manager’s sections are conceptualized. The professional team grows up to 15 people and is located in the current office in Sant Joan Despí (Barcelona, Spain). This year the game programing gets started.

And in March 2013 the Golden Manager’s Beta version is launched with a style that is slightly different from the current one:

The following months were devoted to Golden Manager’s development and growth and the game becomes one of the manager games that were well received by the public around the world. As proof of this the game still being in Beta phase, has more than 500,000 monthly active users. 

The year 2014 is important for Kerad Games which doubles the size of its offices in San Joan Despí to welcome new professionals and actively collaborates with other companies in the field like Ivanovich Games and its game “Final Kick”.

In January 2015, the Golden Manager application for mobile devices is launched. By then Kerad Games already has a staff composed of more than 40 professionals who work day in and day out to provide all Golden Manager’s users with the best service possible.

2.– Sponsors

Nothing would have been possible without the engagement of the two main sponsors: Nike and Coca – Cola which have been part of the game since the beginning of the adventure.


3.– Official Licenses

Golden Manager also has FIFPro's official licenses as well as official shirts of the LFP teams (Professional Soccer League). Thanks to these agreements, Golden Manager is a game based on reality as both real names and images of the best soccer players in the world can be used. It also has official kits of all the BBVA League teams of the season 2014-2015.

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