How do I play Golden Manager?

Learn about Golden Manager’s basic aspects to start playing right away.

1. Your team

Your career as a football manager starts with a team composed of 15 authentic football players and the Club owns 170 Ingots (currency of the game) and 40 million of Money that you can spend on signing new players in the Market.

2. Matches

You will play matches day in and day out against managers from all around the world and the matches will take place at the time scheduled by the game. We recommend you watch the live games for you to make the necessary tactical changes to beat your rival.

In addition, your presence in the match will provide your football players with a plus and they will strive harder to get the victory. But if it is impossible for you to be present at the time of the match, it will take place anyway.

3. Competitions

You start playing in the lowest division, 3rd Bronze and your target is to compete some day in the top division, 1st Golden.

Each season in Golden Manager lasts 21 days and you can compete, apart from the League, in the GM Cup, Champions League, Challenge League or Kerad Tourney (depending on how you finally qualified in the previous season).

4. Authentic players

All the football players in Golden Manager are real ones and with FIFPro License. Each football player has been assigned a level, which will be regularly updated by the system according to their real performance.

5. Line-up

In the “Line-up” section you will be able to change tactical aspects of your team: the position of your players on the field, choosing the best formation, mindset and intensity as well as the roles each player will have. Always remember to place each player in the star position in order to get the most out of his performance.

6. Training

So as to strengthen the general level of your team, you have to train before each game. In the “Trainings” section, you will be able to perform up to 3 training sessions per skill (Attack, Pass and Defense) for your next game. If you do not have any time, you will also be able to plan the matches for them to take place automatically.

7. Finances

Choose the best sponsorship offers and set the ticket price for your matches as home team; by doing this you will get daily Ingots and Money to reinforce the finances of your Club.

Now you have the basic knowledge to start to play but if you want to learn more things about Golden Manager, you will find detailed information about each section in other sections and articles from the Help Center

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