How does the Market work?

The Market (fourth button) is one of the most important Golden Manager's sections. Signing good players will have a direct effect on your results and also on the global level of your team. There are two methods to buy players:

  • Bidding: When bidding for a player you will have the choice of whatever players are on the market. Once you have found the player that you would like, you have to either enter the bidding by spending an Ingot (in-game currency) or you can watch a TV advert.

After entering the bidding, you will spend Ingots as your bidding currency. You will be bidding for the player against other managers from around the world.

If you don't want to watch the whole bid, you can use a setting called "Autobid". This will allow you to set a maximum amount of Ingots that you would be willing to pay for said player.

Upon purchasing the player, you will notice that your level of Ingots will decrease, along with your level of Money. This is because each player has a worth of Money that can not be negotiated.


  • Direct purchase: This is a lot easier than bidding as there is no other competition. However, it is a lot more expensive as the players cost a set price of Ingots. Due to this immediate transaction, the player doesn't cost any Money. Be aware that the Ingot prices of these players is a lot more inflated than normal!!


For further information on bidding and direct purchase, click here.

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