Team's level

Like the players' level, your team level consists of three areas: Attack, Pass and Defence.


The level of each of these three lines is the result of the combination of the individual level of each player in your line-up.

For example if your team's Attack level is 207, this is because the total of all of your players in your line-up (Goalkeeper, Defenders, Midfielders and Attackers). The same happens with Pass and Defence. 

In the "Trainings" section you can be able to enhance your Attack, Pass and Defence level (for more information about Training sessions, see How do I increase my team level?). 

Each area level will receive a bonus if all the players in the area have a star.

This bonus won’t be represented as a sum for each line´s level, but will be displayed with its corresponding colour of star (Bronze, Silver or Gold). The higher the star's rank is, the bigger the bonus will be.


For example, if all your attackers are Gold level and they are located in their star position, you will receive a higher bonus than if they are Silver or Bronze level players.

If you have a star bonus in each area, your team will be stronger.


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