Challenge League: How it works

Depending on the final standings, you will be able to qualify for the Champions League, the Challenge League or the Kerad Tourney.

The Challenge League is a competition for those teams that have come between 5th and 7th. 

The structure is the following:

- At first there will be a group stage with 4 teams per group.

- The top two teams from each group will access the knockout phase composed of the round of 16.

- Once you have gotten through the round of 16, you will be faced with the Quarter-finals.

- Upon beating the quarter-finalists, you will have made it to the Semi-finals.

- Last stop, the Final.


Your team could move up to a higher division at the same time as qualifying for the Challenge League. If this happens, keep in mind that your team will play the Challenge League in the division you have moved up to.

As you will be competing against teams that have been in a similar position to yours in the League, you should expect a very tight game, so do not forget to reinforce your team if you really want to have a good performance in the competition.

According to the results you obtained in the Challenge League and the division you are playing in, you will receive the following prizes in Ingots and Money when you get knocked out of the tourney:

1st Golden:

  • Champion: 150 Ingots and 17.500.000 in Money. 
  • Runner Up: 75 Ingots and 8.750.000 in Money. 
  • Semi-finals: 40 Ingots and 4.500.000 in Money.

2nd Golden

  • Champion: 105 Ingots and 12.500.000 in Money. 
  • Runner Up: 65 Ingots and 7.500.000 in Money. 
  • Semi-finals: 35 Ingots and 4.250.000 in Money.

3rd Golden:

  • Champion: 85 Ingots and 10.000.000 in Money. 
  • Runner Up: 55 Ingots and 6.500.000 in Money. 
  • Semi-finals: 35 Ingots and 4.000.000 in Money.

1st Silver:

  • Champion: 65 Ingots and 7.500.000 in Money. 
  • Runner Up: 45 Ingots and 5.500.000 in Money. 
  • Semi-finals: 30 Ingots and 3.750.000 in Money.

2nd Silver:

  • Champion: 50 Ingots and 6.000.000 in Money. 
  • Runner Up: 40 Ingots and 4.500.000 in Money. 
  • Semi-finals: 25 Ingots and 3.250.000 in Money.

3rd Silver:

  • Champion: 40 Ingots and 5.000.000 in Money. 
  • Runner Up: 30 Ingots and 3.750.000 in Money. 
  • Semi-finals: 25 Ingots and 2.750.000 in Money.

1st Bronze:

  • Champion: 35 Ingots and 4.000.000 in Money. 
  • Runner Up: 25 Ingots and 3.250.000 in Money. 
  • Semi-finals: 20 Ingots and 2.500.000 in Money.

2nd Bronze:

  • Champion: 30 Ingots and 3.500.000 in Money. 
  • Runner Up: 25 Ingots and 2.750.000 in Money. 
  • Semi-finals: 20 Ingots and 2.250.000 in Money.

3rd Bronze:

  • Champion: 25 Ingots and 3.000.000 in Money. 
  • Runner Up: 22 Ingots and 2.500.000 in Money. 
  • Semi-finals: 16 Ingots and 2.000.000 in Money.

If you get knocked out of the tournament in Quarter-finals or Round of 16, you will receive a prize in the form of Money, depending on the division you are. Check out more information about it in Rules and prizes.


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