League: Divisions, promotions, relegations and goal average



There are currently nine divisions in Golden Manager:

3rd Bronze / 2nd Bronze / 1st Bronze

3rd Silver / 2nd Silver / 1st Silver

3rd Golden / 2nd Golden / 1st Golden

  • Promotions: In the 3rd division Bronze, all the teams are promoted, as it’s the beginning of the game and you need to form a team that can compete in the next divisions. From this division on, promotion will depend on what division you are in.
  • Relegations: The relegations depends on the division where you are: 
    • You do not get relegated in the 3rd and 2nd Bronze divisions.
    • 1st Bronze division relegates the team in the last position of the league table.
    • 3rd, 2nd and 1st Silver division relegates the last two teams on the league table.
    • 3rd, 2nd and 1st Golden division relegates the last three teams on the league table.


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