Line-up section

In this section, all your team's players will appear: Starters, Substitutes and Not Picked.

You’ll be able to choose your player’s positions, and if you click on “Show Strategy”, you’ll have the option of select Formation, Mentality, Intensity, Captain, Free-kick taker and Penalty taker.

On the ground you’ll see your lined up players. On the right, substitute players list: you can have a maximum of seven substitute players. If you click on “Show not picked”, you’ll see the players who have not been picked for the next match.

You can substitute your players by hauling the substitute for the substituted, or clicking on the substitute first and then on the substituted.

When you click on a player, the game shows you other players from your team who can play in his position. If you click twice on a player, you’ll see his basic details.

You must pick the most convenient line-up, depending on the available players in your squad, pick the mentality and the intensity that you want your players to have in the next game, and, finally, decide on who will be captain, the free-kick taker and the penalty taker. 

On Player’s info you’ll see all your players on a basic details list. 



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