Get free ingots by inviting your Facebook friends

The game will reward you with 15 Ingots for every 3 friends who found a club in Golden Manager by accepting your invitation

You will be able to invite your friends from the sections: “General View” and “Friends ranking

How can I do that?

  1. You will have to choose the friends you want to invite to play and then send them their corresponding invitations. You will see the list of friends who haven't accepted your invitation yet in the section “Friends ranking”. You will be able to invite them again if you want to.                                                                                                                                                         reinvite_us.png 
  2. Once they have created their clubs, they will be displayed as friends of yours in the section “Friends ranking” where you will see all their manager's information.                                            green_tick.png 
  3. In the sections “General View” and “Friends ranking”, you will find the friends that you still need in order to get the Ingots. Those who have already founded their clubs will be shown with their side view pic and a green tick.


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