GM Translation Center

We provide you with all the necessary tools for you to collaborate with us by doing voluntary translation work for Golden Manager in your own language.

With everybody's help, we could keep expanding the Golden Manager community!

Many Golden Manager users are currently working on the translation of the game in Romanian, Greek and Bulgarian. Not only do they translate, but they can also vote for the translations made by other users.

The translation process is very easy.

First of all you need to sign up and you can do it by clicking on the following link Then click on Facebook App and you will have access to GM Translation Center.


There you will be able to find displayed all the languages that are currently been translated. By clicking on them you will be able to collaborate with the translations, vote or edit translations made by other users.

In the event you do not find your language in the GM Translation Center, please get in touch with the Golden Manager Support Team (, and if they consider it appropriate, will make the required language be available for you and other users to translate in a very easy way.


When you pick any of the languages in which the game is being translated, you will be able to see the original comments in English on the left side and the number of words and characters contained in the text. It is very important to highlight that all translations are made based on English text


On the right side you will have an empty box for the translation of each phrase or word. If the sentence is already translated but you consider that the translation is not the appropriate, you will be able to edit it. If you think it is alright, you will be able to go ahead and vote for it (by clicking on the “heart emoticon” located at the bottom on the right – hand side of the translation).

The best method to save each phrase or word that you translate is by pressing the Tab key. You will see that some phrases contain special characters that refer to particular and personalized subjects according to every user of Golden Manager (characters such as %{user_name} o </strong>): they will have to be kept in the translation and the easiest way of doing it is by clicking on them. You will also see that in case you forget to click on any of these characters, the system will remind you.


You will be able to start to translate section by section or accept the challenge of translating the whole game. You can pick this option by clicking on the tab “All files” (at the top right corner of the screen).


With these instructions you should be ready to start to translate. Should you have any question or problem, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Golden Manager Support Team (  

The users that accept translating Golden Manager into their own language, will do it voluntarily and with no compensation in return.

You can start to translate now!


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