Comparing Players

As of December 2016, Golden Manager has given you the ability to compare a player with another player! This will be extremely useful when you're choosing your line-up, looking for that new star player - or even doing some scouting against the opposition!

To be able to compare a player, make sure you click on your player that you'd like to compare. After having done this, you will see a two shaded, grey icon next to the player's name. Click on this icon:

When you've clicked on the icon, another screen will appear. This screen will automatically show the players that play in the most similar position to the player you're comparing. If you choose to compare a player from your line-up, it will compare with those in your line-up. If you choose a player from the Market, it will compare against your players too. The same applies with when you choose to compare a rival's player.

Finally, if you click the arrow that is next to the comparison arrows, it will slide across to an extra data screen. This screen allow you to compare key stats such as: age, height, weight, preferred foot and key positions.

What are you waiting for? Always be one step ahead by scouting all possible players! Best of luck!

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