What are Friends Leagues and how do I play them?

Golden Manager has a brand new feature!! You and 5 of your friends can become rivals and join a league in order play against each other for a period of 10 days! Time to find out who really is the best Golden Manager.

In order to create your Golden Manager Friends League, you must first select the "Friends League" button in the Home screen.

 This will then take you to a page where you can either: Create your own league, or Join an already existing league with a code given to you by a friend.

Once you have created your Golden Manager Friends League, you will have 48 hours to invite your 5 friends! The league will have it's own unique code which you will give to your friends in order for them to join. Do you want to leave the Friends League? Do it before the room is completed! Once the room is completed you won't be able to leave and you should wait 10 days until the Friends League finishes.

Finally, the prizes we are all playing for: Ingots and Pride, but the MOST IMPORTANT prize is an exclusive trophy! There's no better motivation for winning your Golden Manager Friends League than being able to enjoy some healthy rivalry with your friends! If you end up winning the league, you will receive a prize of 50 Ingots and that highly coveted Friends League trophy!

 So, what are you waiting for? Go and challenge your friends NOW! 

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